All hotel services on one guest communication platform
  • Native language for each guest
  • No need to download App
  • Contactless menu, room service, hotel restaurant
  • Multilingual communication with auto-translation between the guest and the hotel employee
  • All hotel services in one place (table reservation, spa, swimming pool, fitness room, additional room service, etc.)
  • Order-taking process is 10 times faster than the traditional one
  • Reducing personnel and printing costs
  • Upselling of hotel services during the whole guest journey
Special features
Upselling tools
Sell value-added services, offer online
check-in/out, ask for reviews from your guests pre/in/post stay.
F&B Upselling
Our system itself will offer the guest
the recommended positions.
Wheel of fortune for the hotel guests
for upselling hotel services.
Go Green Skip The Clean
Give opportunity to skip the clean to your guests. So they can get loyalty points or other benefits from your hotel.
Multi-messenger chat.
Automatically message your guests
at the best time via the most popular
messaging apps so that they are
guaranteed to engage with you.

Speak your guests’ native language
with our high-quality built-in 2-way
automatic translation tool

AI - assistant
Automate repetitive questions away.
Set your responses to FAQs once, and you’ll
never have to answer them manually again.
Guest Review Tool
Offer your guest loyalty points or
complimentary gifts for the review
Press the button to add or remove the dish from the stop list.
Booking slots
  • Get your service bookings in one place and manage them with just a couple of clicks
  • See open time slots for services and optimize the schedule
Take advantage of all the privileges for the first month absolutely free
Admin panel
  • Keep track of your revenue growth with daily updates of key metrics
  • See how digitalizing the guest experience helps you upsell and save budget
  • Send orders to different departments within your hotel with one click
  • Employees can receive orders in the most convenient way for them — via SMS, messengers, the Dgstay app, or email
  • Get notifications when a guests is waiting too long for their order
  • Automaticaly create a new order if it wasn’t accepted by any of the employees
  • Integrate Dgstay with your PMS, task manager, and online payment service to enhance the experience for both your guests and employees.
Take advantage of all the privileges for the first month absolutely free
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